Alumni Testimonials from:
School Leaders Initiative 2013
"It was wonderful to be at Yale. Very inspiring. I also liked how there was one theme, one primary presenter (Marc Brackett) with a life-changing message, a keynote speaker."

"I can honestly say that this has been the most rewarding and motivational training I have participated in throughout my 19 years as an educator."

"I loved our “play master” keynote speaker, Steve, and Emotional Intelligence guru, Mark....I felt energized and revitalized throughout this was refreshing to learn in such a positive environment."

"My experience and takeaways were quite rich…you left us with two priceless gifts: knowledge and camaraderie. I am truly changed because of this. "

"A major takeaway was just validation. Validation for what we do as educators and how HARD it can be. In terms of content, I was very excited to learn about the quantitative ability to measure the impact of emotions on learning. It was so helpful to have more tools and a deeper understanding of theory. "

"I learned so much from this training. I definitely learned how to better identify my own and others’ emotions. I came into this with the knowledge and understanding that emotions affect relationships we develop with colleagues, students, friends, family, and others…but this training allowed me to think more critically about my own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around me. The simple task of identifying where one is emotionally, as on the Mood Meter, works so well for getting through simple and difficult tasks. "